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About AB Smart Concepts

With competition growing rapidly in the Hospitality Sector – Travel, Tourism, Hotels, Restaurants, Theme Parks, Convention Centers, Event Management and Vocational Institutions -it is necessary for Owners and Investors to choose the right mix of product, site and project developers.

AB Smart Concepts is a company with considerable experience in the management of Hotels and the Travel and Tourism business.

The company functions as an Advisor to Owners and Investors and assists in concept to commissioning of hotels, transforming existing hotels and development of Travel & Tourism projects. We ensure that our Client's best interests are given the highest priority.

The strength of our Client relationship is the foundation stone of our company.

We maintain the trust of our Clients by i n-depth planning of each and every stage of the project, paying attention to every detail by keeping in contact with vendors, ensuring that costs are kept low, but not at the cost of service, and keeping the Client in the picture at all times to ensure transparency.

And as a concerned, socially-aware company, we ensure that our functioning does not affect the environment at the workplace.